If you are in the IT field and need to augment your team's size, skill set, or leadership, you will want to see the Technology page. It has a list of languages, data stores, tools, libraries/utilities, applications, and hardware that are commonly applied by our consultants.
image Below is a description in layman's terms of just some of the possible services that can provide you with the tools you need.
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Custom Application Development
Having trouble finding an off-the-shelf program that meets your needs? Do you need a solution that fits harmoniously into your environment? We will be happy to learn of your needs and propose a solution that will meet them within the constraints that you have. We can then develop the solution either independently or along with your own staff.
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Existing Applications: Extension, Integration, Modification
Is an application you purchased providing you with everythng you need? Or, do you have an existing application that could benefit from being able to share data with an existing system? Have your needs changed or outgrown an existing application? Let us help.

We can provide the missing pieces to off-the-shelf programs or 3rd-party systems that have been purchased. Data can be retrieved from or passed to many of these systems. If you have a custom application and own its source code, we will be happy to help bring it up-to-date with any changes in your policies or practices.
The degree to which purchased systems can be extended or integrated with each other or custom programs is dependent on the capabilities of those purchased systems.
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Data Store Design/Development
Let us design and/or develop your data store. Anything from a Microsoft Access database with forms and reports to the fast SQL databases. If you are uncertain which database would best fit your budget, your time, your existing hardware or your workload, call us. We can explain the strengths and benefits and recommend a sollution based on your needs. The technical page has a list of the databases that we commonly work with, but other solutions may be possible.
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Reports Development
If you are in need of additional reports for an existing application, or if you need reports written that draw data from more than one place (Access Databases, SL Databases, Excel spreadsheets, etc.), we can help. The technical page has a list of the reporting tools with which we commonly work.
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