Chiron Software has established a solid reputation for successful software development in varied business environments.

Below is a short list of projects/systems that have been developed for customers.

Please do not consider this a definitive list of services or what is possible, but instead, a few highlights of what can be done to improve performance and accuracy and to reduce overhead costs.

Much of our work is associated with customized applications and once completed many do not incur Licensing fees associated with the applications themselves.
Cost Control Systems
Cost control systems in use by Cost Control personnel and Certified Project Managers. Features include the following:
  • Earned Value analysis
  • Estimated/Actual/Forecasted values
  • Statusing at either the Task Code Level or the Drawing/Deliverables level
  • Milestone Statusing
  • Importing Project Estimates (Baseline, Change Order, Additional Scope,…)
  • Generating temporary Drawing Numbers for task codes you choose to track at the drawing level

    Transmittals are created and will update the revisions on included drawings as well as statusing the drawings to the percent complete defined for the Milestone met, Team Leads status the tasks associated with their Discipline(s).

    Statusing can be approved at either the Team Lead level or the Project Manager level and is configurable for each project.

    Actual Cost, Revenue and Materials can be imported from the Accounting system and Task Code Statusing can be exported.
    Material Receiving/Tracking Systems
    Project Materials are barcoded as received. Barcoding is used to track items as they move from bin to bin and staged for use. Powerful browsing tools allow users to view parts for a project, a purchase order, vendors and location by grouping and/or filtering items. Project Managers sign-off on hard-copy approval forms as items leave the cage for the production floor.
    Serialized Asset Tracking System
    An application used to track Serial numbered parts and their applications on fabricated products. Vendors supply barcodes for serial numbered items which are scanned in upon receipt. They are tracked to the end-products they are used in, as well as tracking warranty dates from the vendor/manufacturer and the warranty dates provided to the customer. Serial Numbers can be located via browser screens similar to the Material Tracking system above.
    Tool Shed Application
    Tools and equipment are scanned out to shop workers and are scanned back in when no longer needed. This can provide usage information on equipment which needs calibration and, if cross referenced with Time Tracking or Rostering information, can associate usage with Projects and Task Codes.